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Fred Auzenne- What do you think should be the responsibility of a good leader today? How is this different from the past, and how can leaders ensure that they are fulfilling their responsibilities well?

Fred Auzenne

There is no single answer to this question, as the role and responsibilities of a good leader vary depending on the context says Fred Auzenne. However, in general, a good leader today should be responsible for creating and maintaining a positive environment within their team or organization and ensuring that everyone is working together towards common goals. They should also be open to feedback and willing to adapt their approach as needed.

This is in contrast to the past when leaders were often more focused on tasks such as making decisions and providing direction. While those aspects are still important, they are no longer enough on their own. In order to be successful today, leaders need to build strong relationships with their team members and create an atmosphere of trust and respect.

What would you say are some of your most prominent leadership qualities?

I think honesty and compassion are two key qualities that have helped me be successful as both an employee and now as a manager. It is important, to be honest with yourself and others about what you do well and where you might need help or additional training. At the same time, it is important to be compassionate towards your team members when things don’t go exactly as planned or when they’re having personal issues that may affect their work performance.

What are three qualities that you feel are important for any leader to have?

I think that honesty, compassion, and self-awareness are the most important qualities for a good leader to have. It is so easy to give feedback or critiques in an aggressive way, but it’s much more effective when done with care and concern. This helps your team members internalize the feedback instead of feeling attacked personally. Additionally, if there were times where I could use some additional training on something myself, then sharing that with my employees allows them see me as someone that is also open to learning new things and growth rather than just always being “right.” Lastly, recognizing your own shortcomings enables leaders to take time for them which often results in much better work performance.

What skills and knowledge should a leader possess? How do these need to be developed or updated over time?

Leaders should have an understanding of what their team is working on in order to follow through on any feedback they give, as well as the ability to give direction when necessary. Additionally, good leaders are continually learning new things about their industry, technology, and even themselves so that they can keep improving. It’s important not to get too comfortable with your current knowledge because then you start doing less research which can lead to stagnation or missing out on trends in your field.

Hiring employees is one of the most critical responsibilities for managers.

What are some steps that leaders can take today to ensure that hiring effective employees becomes easier with changes in technology?

It can be tough to find good employees in an industry that is already so competitive. One step that leaders can take today, which was not always possible in the past, is utilizing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help with some of the more menial recruiting tasks. For example, new tools are being developed that help recruiters sift through applicants. By looking for specific keywords or determining if candidates match certain traits based on their resumes. This frees up time for recruiters to focus on higher-level tasks. While also providing them with a significantly larger pool of qualified candidates explains Fred Auzenne.

I think it’s important for managers to be proactive about any skill gaps among their workforce. Instead of waiting until they have a problem. It’s also important to be self-aware about any gaps that might exist in your own skillset. So that you can proactively seek out training opportunities or consulting advice from others if necessary.

Think back to what you know now about hiring employees for this role versus five years ago. What are some of the ways that these have changed?

I think that one big change is the value placed on soft skills over hard skills. While having a strong background in tech is still important. Another quality I look for when making new hires is how well candidates work with other people. Whether they could bring something new to the team dynamic. These kinds of traits should not be underestimated. Because even if somebody has all of the technical knowledge needed for their job. They ultimately won’t be successful. If they put their own needs before the needs of the company or of their team says Fred Auzenne.

Another thing that I am starting to value more is work experience outside of tech companies. While working at a large organization may not always afford you as many opportunities for growth as smaller startups do. It can definitely teach some useful skills such as time management and project planning which are beneficial in any position. For example, seeing how different teams interact or learning about modern HR practices. It can be really helpful to know even if there isn’t an official HR role within your department.


A good leader is always learning and growing, both in terms of their skillset. And their knowledge of the industry explains Fred Auzenne. They should be proactive about any skill gaps among their workforce. And be self-aware enough to know when they need to seek out training opportunities. Leaders should also be comfortable with change and be able to adapt quickly to new technologies.

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