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An Arizona-based business leader and former armed services counterintelligence specialist, Fred Auzenne currently serves as executive advisor of Cultural Index.

fred Auzenne

Fred Auzenne

Fred’s passion for placing people in the right positions is what ultimately led him to Culture Index.  He has helped many companies make tough choices to realign their employees, improve overall engagement and increase revenues.

Similar to James Collins’ book ‘Good to Great’, Culture Index provides the tools to get the right people “on the bus”, the wrong people “off the bus”, and the right people in the right seats. Whether hiring, managing, or motivating top tier talent, Culture Index is the preeminent solution to maximize your goals.

More about Fred Auzenne

In addition to heading up the Cultural Index, he has managed the Entrepreneur Opportunity Fund since 2009, a private equity fund that operates in multiple markets. The fund consults with various business startups and initiates debt/equity placements with small and medium-sized second-stage companies.

Mr. Auzenne spent the early years of his career as a counterintelligence special agent with the US Army. His responsibilities in this capacity included conducting security investigations, preparing and distributing counterintelligence reports, and participating in Counterintelligence Force Protection Source Operations (CFSO). Over his seven years of service, he earned a number of awards and citations, as well as a place on the All-Army Pistol Team.

fred Auzenne
fred Auzenne

About the Fred Auzenne Scholarship


Entrepreneur Fred Auzenne is thrilled to have initiated an annual scholarship, established to benefit one undergraduate student currently attending an accredited university and/or college in the United States.  The Fred Auzenne Scholarship will be made to a student who shows him or herself to be academically gifted, displaying this through an approximate 800 word essay addressing the question noted below. Mr. Auzenne is eager to review all award submissions.  It is Fred’s generosity that has helped him build a career highlighted by many successes.  And he is thrilled to now have the opportunity to give back.   The Fred Auzenne Scholarship is looking for that one dynamic student, as he celebrates his first scholarship initiative

Financial Help for one excellent student:

Fred Auzenne is deeply aware of the enormous financial burden that comes with paying college tuition.  That said, Mr. Auzenne knows that higher education should be available to every single student desirous of a college diploma   Any student currently attending an accredited college and university is invited to apply for the Fred Auzenne Scholarship. 

A Gifted Entrepreneur

Fred Auzenne is an American Entrepreneur who serves as executive advisor for the Culture Index.  Through Culture Index, businesses are coached on the best means to find scale.  A unique set of human analytics is what sets Fred’s firm apart

Giving Back:

Fred Auzenne has provided many gifted young men and women with advice and training throughout the years.  It is his hope that the Fred Auzenne Scholarship will help one special student get that much closer to graduating.   

About the Fred Auzenne Scholarship:

The initial Fred Auzenne Scholarship has been put together to give one student attending an accredited college or university in the US an award of $1000.  The winning applicant should stand out with a record of academic excellence, innovative ways, and leadership skills.  Scholarship essays will be judged for written quality and originality 

Fred Auzenne Scholarship Details:

  • Award Amount – $1,000 
  • Application deadline: 1st of March 2022.
  • Winner Announcement: 15th of March 2022.
  • Submit your application with the following information to info@fredauzennescholarship.com:
  • First/Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Graduation Date
  • College or university that you attend:
  • Current GPA

Essay Subject (should be approximately 800 words in a WORD-DOC format, and attached to the email submission:  

  • Please recount a major setback you have experienced in your life.  How did it change you as a person, and what lessons have you taken to heart as a result? 

The award winning student will have his/her name and university published on the Fred Auzenne Scholarship website.

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