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Fred Auzenne Explains Some Content Marketing Stats That Every Business Must Know in 2021

Fred Auzenne

Recognizing the power of content to bind them with consumers, more and more businesses are now adopting an attitude with the publisher and promoting content marketing practice says, Fred Auzenne.

By anticipating what the future holds for content marketing in 2021, the company will be in a better position itself for changing times and ensure that both high-quality consumer interactions and ROI for your business help your efforts. To make it big in 2021, you need to be prepared with the right content strategy for your business that can only be done by knowing the precise stats about the industry.

Here we are sharing the latest stats and trends that will help to get your business on the top.

1. Content marketing will cost 62% less than outbound marketing with 3X more leads. The traditional marketing and lead generation strategies are based on an outbound marketing approach. Outbound marketing mainly consists of advertising messages, which aim to tell customers how great a brand, product, or service is. Such advertisements are delivered whether users want to see them or not. These advertisements are noisy, pushy, and interruptive. On the other hand, content marketing is much more interactive and effective while promoting your services.

2. Voice search will take the front seat in online Inquiries. Combined with recent announcements of an upgrade to a Google Search algorithm, advertisers will need to increase the focus dramatically on long-tail keywords, as well as the context in which those keywords are used in order to continue driving organic search traffic. Since AI-powered contextualization is programming to filter out any results that aren’t exactly what users are searching for, using natural language is also essential to voice search. Many marketing experts have already pointed to voice search as the next big thing during various marketing and advertising conferences.

3.65 % of B2B service users strongly agree that they have higher expectations for industry-influenced trustworthy content. Fred Auzenne says that sharing content that is user-orient. And contains factual information brings more trust of the users to the company.

4. 70% of people would prefer to get company information or know something from an article. Or blog posts rather than from traditional advertising. More and more people go through blogs and articles first when searching for any information.

5. Small businesses taking a marketing approach using blogs are expected. To get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without using this approach.

6. Content marketing has a conversion rate 6X times higher than other words; conventional marketing at this stage is beginning to look a little sad, but let’s keep going. Content marketing also produces higher sales, amongst all the other benefits. It literally has six times the power of traditional marketing to turn people into leads and turn them into customers.

These are some of the latest content marketing statistics. That will help you in planning an effective content marketing strategy for your business. To more exclusive and latest content marketing trends and statistics, you can attend upcoming marketing conferences and events.

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