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Can your CSR Report Integrate Both Sustainability & Marketing Simultaneously- An Overview by Fred Auzenne

Fred Auzenne

corporations partaking in social and economic responsibilities as we all join hands to welcome a futuristic concept- sustainability for the generation to prevail after us says, Fred Auzenne. With green agendas expanding and corporate social responsibilities becoming more diverse in nature, the current trend has put immense pressure on brands, with the fine line between maintaining social responsibility and augmenting brand presence often blurring.

Keeping this in mind, let us revisit the purpose of CSR once-

The goal is to create sustainability by giving something and receiving something. Even though thriving Corporates like you have mastered the giving part, the receiving part still remains foggy, and some of the best socially responsible business speakers out there have figured out why.

Is your CSR driving intangible profits for you?

Behind every CSR initiative is a troop of corporate employees burning the midnight oil and working their brow sweat to create an elaborate and well-structured CSR report which would just end up in a pile somewhere in some years. However, the unlimited prospects that one CSR report could have brought to the company would continue to be a mystery if companies keep putting on a public face to justify their CSR campaigns. Without putting much thought behind the brand goodwill or loyalty, recognition, and other such intangible profits, even the best of social causes can turn into a growth blunder for corporations like you.

The Solution: Thriving Instead of Striving

As per Fred Auzenne, cultivating a good reputation, market footprint, and loyalty- not just from consumers but from fellow brands in the network circle is the stepping stone to unlocking growth for Corporates in today’s world. But does that mean CSR and marketing have to go hand in hand with corporations. To maximize their CSR and marketing potential? You’ve guessed it right! Challenging but not impossible!

CSR is more than just reporting the responsibilities. A lot of hard work, strategic planning, manpower, and financial sacrifices go into a CSR activity. And letting this hard work settle down without any rewards doesn’t seem fair, does it? This is where you’d need someone more than just a marketing whizz. A social marketing expert who can transform your CSR reports by weaving in invisible sheaths of marketing. What’s the end goal? The end goal is to incorporate words and strategies in your neglected CSR report. So that it can attract just the right crowd at the right time and the right place. Once influential networks start noticing your CSR initiatives penned down to maximize marketing potential. There’s no turning away from growth there onwards.

However, this is not a one-person job, and refining your CSR report cannot come in between important corporate operations. Hence, spotlighting your marketing potential through your CSR campaign needs to be trusted in the hands of a professional. Who has honed himself over the years, breathing life into CSR reports similar to yours.  

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